Get the Look You’ve Been Dreaming Of

If you’ve been considering making changes in your skin or want to get rid of areas that cling to excess weight, you should consider one of these new procedures available for those who dream of looking their best.

Cool Sculpting

Cool Sculpting freezes fat and removes it. The FDA approved it in 2010. The method follows the principle that fat freezes before the rest of the body does. When fat is frozen, it is destroyed without harming the rest of the body.

Cool Sculpting takes the part of the body where you want fat removed and holds it with two paddles. The paddles stay in place for between 25 to 90 minutes. During that time, 20-25% of the fat cells in that area are destroyed. It may take a few months to see the changes in your body. Your immune system will rid your body of dead fat cells.

Cool Sculpting doesn’t help you lose weight, but it can help if you have lost weight and certain body parts aren’t yet slim.

Patients with loose skin and cold urticaria (a condition that causes hives when you get cold) cannot have this procedure. People with Raynaud’s disease or certain blood disorders should not have the procedure. People who have a cold or are pregnant should avoid it. You must also avoid it if you are obese.

Face or Body Injections

Dermal injections can be a solution for those people who want to add volume to certain body parts. Some people may want fuller lips or want to fill in the creases on their faces or foreheads. This can be done by taking the fat from your body and injecting it into the part of your body that needs extra volume.

The procedure is done by selecting a “donor area” (like the abdomen or buttocks). Liposuction will remove fat from one of those places. That fat will be grafted onto the face. The grafted fat will redevelop a blood supply. Healing will take some time, and only 50% of the grafted fat will survive the transfer. Although it is a minor procedure, the donor area will be uncomfortable – as will the area the fat is transferred to.

The procedure is best done by experienced professionals.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons allows you to search for plastic surgeons in your area who have experience in this procedure.

Cienega Spa

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